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Ryan Leech Connection, based out of Vancouver, BC Canada, 
offers adult-oriented, comprehensive and effective online mountain bike 
skill training courses with interactive coach and ambassador support.

We believe in mountain biking as a lifelong passion, so incredible care is taken to combine
step-by-step theory and drills with physical and mental fitness practices.
Our mantra, Trail - Bike - Body - Mind, informs and inspires all the content we produce.

Ryan Leech established this online coaching platform in 2012 as a place to share the skills he developed during his 20-year career as a professional mountain biker.

Ryan Leech - Founder & Head Coach

Through his 20 year-long career as a pro mountain biker, Ryan performed thousands of stunt shows around the world with clients such as Cirque du Soleil, IMBA, and Crankworx. Ryan has been coaching mountain bikers since age sixteen. As an avid explorer of human potential, Ryan earned his certification as an Integral Master Coach™ which has radically influenced his ability to design adult-oriented mountain bike skill curriculums. Ryan created the Trials-of-Life school presentation, sharing his passion for riding at hundreds of schools. As a certified yoga instructor, he designed the Ride & Reach program, blending yoga & mountain biking with a retreat-style learning vibe. Ryan’s dedication and love of mountain biking is stronger than ever, and with his world-renowned and versatile riding abilities and reputation in the industry, it makes him one of the strongest ambassadors for the sport.


Coaches & Staff

Carl Roe
Ambassador Liaison

Carl first tried mountain biking in 2007 and immediately abandoned the peloton. For 7 years he attacked the trails with roadie zeal, Lycra clad,...

Elaine Bothe
Community Liaison & Skills Coach

Elaine is a lifetime enthusiast, teaching herself to ride on a borrowed bike at age four. She eventually found her true passion in the dirt, lea...

Peter Glassford
Skills Coach

Peter is a highly-respected Certified Cycling Coach who has been instructing MTB skills since 2000. His coaching clients are mostly busy, master...

Molly Hurford
Cycling & Nutrition Writer

Molly Hurford is an outdoor adventurer and professional nomad obsessed with all things cycling, running, nutrition and movement-related. When no...

Wacek Kipsak
Ambassador & Artistic Director

Wacek shares his passion for mountain biking through loads of riding, but also through artwork and writing. His runs a great instagram account.<...

Rob Walcer
Ambassador & Weekly Updates

Rob is an avid mountain biker and enjoys personal exploration and growth through cycling. Within his local community he is deeply involved with ...

Griff Wigley
Skills Coach & Special Projects

Griff Wigley, well-known as the Mountain Bike Geezer, is an avid year-round mountain biker, and de...

Tom Hutton
Skills Coach & Monthly Updates
Wales, UK

Tom is a self-confessed bike geek, map geek and lover of wild places who has been mountain biking for 30 years, exploring pretty much every ride...

Jeff Mah
Yoga Instructor & Ambassador

Jeff has been teaching yoga for over 15 years and lives at the intersection of art, science and spirit. Based in Canmore, Alberta, Canada, he ru...

Russ Risdon
Skills Coach

Russ is an avid traveler throughout North America, riding all the best bike parks and trails – mountain biking has fueled his life since 1...

Andy Dow
Mental Fitness & Yoga Coach

Andy has spent his life finding freedom through riding his bike. He lives in a small coastal community of British Columbia, Canada, where he is ...

Scott Givens
Skills Coach

Scott Givens has over 25 years of riding and competing under his pedals. After achieving the globally recognised BICP Level 2 Certification in 2...

Roger Joys
Comment Monitoring & Ambassador

Roger is in his mid-50s and a self-confessed ‘athletic nerd’ obsessed with learning. By day he manages software engineers and then m...

Kate Nolan
Skills Coach

Kate fell in love with mountain biking in 1992 and is a professional MTB instructor, backcountry guide and Trek Bicycles Women’s Advocate....

Matt Barlow
Sports Psychologist & Skills Coach
Wales, UK

Matt has performed over a thousand mountain bike trials demos, across a ten-year career, at events such as the Tour De France, the Scottish FA C...


Kai Ashbee
England, UK

Kai is a fanatical rider that when not in the saddle is dreaming about the trails. Living within the South Downs National Park in the UK, she sp...

Olly Atrawtillfour

Olly is a Physiotherapist so loves learning new movements and training in a smart and sustainable way. A perfect fit for RLC! He discovered bike...

Lindsey Colla

Lindsay is a mountain biker, mountain unicyclist and yogi. After 12 years of trials competition, he now enjoys MTB with trials thrown in for sty...

Graham Gedge
England, UK

Graham’s took his first flight over the handlebars at age ten. Nearly five decades later he continues to hone his skills and can often be ...

Gareth Hanson
England, UK

Gareth's love of the outdoors has manifested itself over the years (in no particular order) with rock climbing, snowboarding, kitesurfing & ...

Kim Liss

Kim is a lifelong rider across a variety of disciplines, including mountain biking, cyclocross and road cycling. More recently he took up BMX ju...

Sally Marchand Collins

Sally regularly transforms herself from a diminutive uptown hairdresser to a singletrack-shredding she-beast. In her first season as a professio...

Skye Nacel

Skye is a Pacific NW based, certified MTB and movement coach and guide with 2 decades of working with people in the outdoors from youth camps, t...

Jeffrey Neitlich
Curriculum Expert

At age 51, Jeffrey came across a promo for Ryan’s 30 Day Wheelie Challenge and decided – why not! Three months later he was riding w...

Michelle Roe

Michelle has been mountain biking for over a decade and enjoys the climbs as much as the descents. She loves nothing more than watching an RLC v...

Dustin Sharp

Over the years Dustin has participated in many forms of cycling: fixed gear, BMX racing, cross country MTB, long-distance road riding, touring a...

Josh Shulman

Born in Ontario and settled in British Columbia, Canada, Josh has been a casual bike rider for most of his life. He spent 15 years in the culina...

Gianluca Spini

Gianluca is always on the lookout for steps, stairs, walls, sidewalks and natural trails to hone his skills. Obsessed with challenging himself a...

Gold Industry Partners

Ryan has developed long term partnerships during his time as a pro mountain biker, and those relationships have continued with this awesome online learning community.

In my senior years as a cycling industry pro athlete, ambassador, and advocate, I have the freedom to choose who I represent. I choose Shimano. I have visited their factory in Japan, have conversed and partied with their engineers, and experienced the pride and love they put in to their product. It shines through not only in the jewerly like appearance of their product, but in the crisp and unarguable functionality of their equipment. Though Shimano is a large company, they maintain a family vibe, and I am proud to continue contributing in my own small way to the big family company that drives most bikes on this planet.

Visit Shimano

Norco has supported my journey from young hot-shot trials kid to the introspective bicycle loving man I am today. Their staff have groomed me, influenced me, shared their passion for bikes with me. This company has been a family for me, they’ve opened doors, created opportunities, and co-created the Ryan Leech brand with me. Young bicycle talent simply cannot carve a career from their skills without dedicated industry support, Norco has done that for me, and I am forever grateful.

Visit Norco

Silver Partners

As a mountain biking grom in high school, I’d dream about having a Marzocchi suspension fork. Now, I have the privilege of inspiring that dream into the next generation of young rippers! My riding interests have exploded in recent years, so I’m delighted to drape my trials bikes, enduro bike, XC 29″ hard tail, 650b hardtail play bike, and All Mountain 4″ travel ripper with the best suspension platform on the market. It’s a delight to strengthen the Leech/Marzocchi connection after a few years of riding other companies products.

Visit Marzocchi

Bronze Partners

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