New Online Course: Launching Spring 2020

The Evolution of MTB Skills Coaching

Mountain bikes have evolved, trails have evolved, but skills coaching methods are stuck in a time warp. It's time for a reboot!

Introducing the Beginner Blast Off, an online course that rejects rigid coaching cues and prioritizes organic progression and deep learning.

We've thrown out everything that's come before and started from scratch (we even killed the attack position!).

This is MTB skills coaching... but not as you know it. This course isn't just for beginners.

Join the early bird wait list today and get priority access and special pricing. The course will sell for $97, and be available to all RLC members, but if you join the early bird list you will receive special pricing and early access. 


MTB Skills Coaching Re-Imagined

  • Designed from the ground up to leverage the power of self-guided online learning
  • Simple yet powerful progression cycles promote organic development and deep understanding
  • Learn the secret to better bike handling (it's not a technique...)
  • A long term strategy, not a short term bandaid

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