[Video Lesson] A Perfect Rear Wheel Lift


Having reliable access to the rear wheel lift technique, which is the ability to lift your rear wheel off the ground without any slope or front brake influence, is crucial for confident technical trail riding. This is lesson 13 of 36 from the new Tight Switchback & Front Wheel Nose Pivot course.

Bowl theory is at work here, which is the muscular tension felt by connecting your hands and your feet. This fluid but secure connection prevents your feet from flying off the pedals when you jump upwards.

  1. Start tall and then rise up by straightening your legs and even doing a small ‘calf-raise’ to prepare for the compression.
  2. Drop down quickly by bending your legs, moving your hips slightly rearward and dropping your heels. The goal is to compress your suspension and tires.
  3. The rebound cycle is next and it begins with an abrupt end to the compression cycle (they actually blend into each other). At the bottom of the compression become strong in the ankles and legs and turn...
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Dealt a Band Hand - A Year Off the Bike... & Counting (Part 1)

Devon Balet recounts his first year off the bike after a minor accident. The reality of an unexpected injury can suddenly change everything. 

As the anesthesiologist wipes my neck with an antiseptic wipe, I pull back slightly. The sudden cool catches me off guard, making me jump.

“Oh, sorry Devon. I should have warned you it would be cold,” replied the caring doctor, but I say nothing.

Looking past my outstretched legs, I watch as my parents walk out of sight towards the waiting room of Vail Surgical Center; the assistant draws up the Versed from a vial. This medication would in essence wipe my mind clean of what was about to happen. The anesthesiologist continues to prep my neck and shoulder for the nerve block to be implanted in my shoulder.

As I watch the assistant flick the full syringe, clearing it of air bubbles, everything suddenly rushes down on me like the crash of an imploded building. Every emotion and feeling comes to light. Every...

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Vertriders - Ambassador Gianluca Spini's video selection for February 2018

Each month the RLC Team of Coaches & Ambassadors selects the best MTB videos from YouTube. Each selection comes with a thoughtful write-up about why the video fits with the RLC motto of Trail-Bike-Body-Mind-Flow. A new collection is published monthly exclusively for members of Ryan Leech Connection, but we wanted to share a sample of what it's all about here.

So grab a cuppa, and enjoy some amazing scenery and stunning landscapes from the February selection, courtesy of Ambassador, Gianluca Spini.

"These places are my mountains: the Alps. And the protagonists are from Innsbruck (Austria) and belong to a group called Vertrider. It is a different way of understanding the Mtb, which they call Alpine Freeride, where the key is a combination of technical challenge, mountain experience, the accurate estimation of risk, and of one's own abilities. The challenge is to be able to descend from the top of a mountain as far as possible, without setting foot on the ground on paths not...

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Roam Finishing School

#RoamEvents bring women together to experience the awesome adventure and community of the mountain biking lifestyle. Their festivals totally rock and they’re clear that skills coaching is not part of their magic formula, which is why they created a referral system called the #RoamFinishingSchool. 

My online coaching service made their cut and to get this endorsement alongside some of the most talented coaches in the business is really special. Check out their thoughtful Roam Finishing School page to check out all the awesome offerings. www.thisisroam.com/finishingschool


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Winter Survival as MTB Fanatic


How do you survive Winter as a mountain biking fanatic? Leave your tips in the comment section below!

This video features Russ Risdon from Bend Oregon who is one of our coaches and a self proclaimed MTB fanatic. We produced this video to give members some ideas about how to make the best use of their membership through the dark winter months. Ride ON!

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RLC Member Success: The Flat Pedal Challenge and Mal Schulstad

Are you still flat pedal curious? From enjoying the benefits of comfortable shoes to an increased sense of freedom, more flow, confidence and fun all while not losing pedal efficiency, member Mal Schulstad shared, in a Facebook post, his enthusiasm for flats after finishing the last ride of the 12 Ride Flat Pedal Challenge course. Mal is also an accomplished photographer and provided these photos to help illustrate his experience.

Share your experience with flats in the comment section below, or complete the course and go have fun on Flat Pedal Challenge Ride #12, then answer the nine questions after your ride!

Here is what Mal said: 

So yesterday was what I'm calling my celebratory flat pedals ride - 32km and 1000+ meters of climbing (and naturally descending) on rarely used trails and fire roads that I'd never been on with a fairly fit group.

Throughout the ride I kept up with everyone on the ups - no loss of pedaling efficiency, rode over unfamiliar technical terrain...

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Meet Coach Elaine - Our new Community Liaison

It’s with excitement that I announce coach Elaine Bothe is taking on the newly created role of Community Liaison, designed to further improve the RLC member experience throughout the site. Part of her role will be to maintain our Facebook Group as a unique and safe space for members to share their riding experiences and post practice videos. She will monitor the FB comment stream to ensure member-inspired advice, which we highly encourage, is inline with RLC’s core teachings and safety standards. She’ll be working hard on many fun projects to help everyone gain maximum value from their skills practice!

Learn more about Elaine and the rest of the RLC team here!

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Sidetracked by the Trailside #4 - Tech Climb


Steep technical climbs require a tuned blend of technique, fitness and patience.

I love challenging myself to the point of failure, and climbs allow for this much more safely than descents.

If you ever want an incredible workout and skill practice, find a tech climb that is just slightly above the difficulty level that you'd normally clean. Find a climb that you may only ride clean one out of every five attempts - and then session it!

High Fives!

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2017 Year Reflection & 2018 Outlook


In this 3 minute long video I share a few RLC reflections from 2017 and some plans for 2018. Here are the highlights:

  • RLC has grown gradually and steadily again, the site is over four years alive! Since the 12 Ride Flat Pedal Challenge launched a year ago over 10,000 riders have registered - and many upgraded to a full membership.
  • There are no shortcuts for adult skill acquisition - RLC continues to create the safest possible skill development progressions that rely on your regular practice. This helps set up a foundation for lifelong enjoyment of the sport rather than forcing and rushing new techniques. 
  • 2017 saw the launch of The Cornering Continuum and Jump with Confidence - with guest pros and coaches: Kat Sweet, Thomas Vanderham, Jay Hoots and Shaums March. Dozens of drills and lessons were published exclusively for members along with 50 curated weekly updates.
  • 2018 will see an early launch of the Tight Switchbacks and Stoppies...
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Student Progress Report - 1/2 Year


We LOVE receiving progress reports from customers like this!...

Hello Ryan!

I accidentally discovered your 30 Day Wheelie Challenge in a newspaper and thought, I'll give it a try, I always wanted to. Your program has absolutely convinced me. I subsequently registered as a full member.

Bunny Hop and Manual are currently my current exercises, ...if the weather permits. Track Stands can also be practised in the garage in bad weather conditions ;-)

I have a small video created, which I have achieved in a half-year. I'm excited!

Very helpful was the very good feedback from you and Jeffrey, Peter and Gianluca. Thanks a lot for this!

Wheelie, Manual, Bunny Hop, I will continue to expand and I'm looking forward to Tight Switchbacks and everything that has to do with technical climbing, I love it ...

Big thanks also to Jeff and his Yoga Progression Series # 2. "Relieving neck pain" / "hips under pressure" are my favorites. He's the wizard with the ball!

Merry Christmas and a healthy year...

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