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RLC's library is IMPROVING so YOU can too!


We've been busy behind the scenes creating new content for our members, both updates to existing courses and exploring new topics. We've got loads more in the works, but in the meantime here's a list of our latest lessons with links for easy access to them. What will you practice next? 

Troubleshooter Tutor - Series

Troubleshooter Tutors are new lessons added in strategic places within current courses. These lessons provide additional new information, or remind riders of key aspects of earlier lessons, and appear at choke-points where riders typically struggle or stall. It’s all about lubricating the wheel of progression. Coach Griff has produced a couple of lessons, the first being TRACKSTANDS - RIDING ACROSS A SLOPE and the latest release being WHEELIE SIDE BALANCE. Many more lessons are in the works, both Coach Griff and Coach Jeffrey are busy filming as we speak.

Rider Height Considerations - Series

Did you know that shorter riders face unique challenges when learning new skills? Coach Roxy is five-one (158cm) tall, so is the perfect person to explore the advantages and disadvantages of different heights and also to share tips that shorter riders can use to ensure progression. This information is also of relevance to e-bike riders too, because they face many of the same challenges due to a heavier bike, even if they are tall. Checkout this INTRODUCTORY LESSON, where you’ll also find links to skill-specific rider height lessons covering Balance Lines and Bails, Manuals and Wheelies.

Webinar Replays - Skills

Ryan runs regular live webinars that focus on a specific skill or theme and include responses to member questions. These webinars have been super-popular for the way Ryan teases out the most juicy aspects of a skill and puts different spin on it. Many members have super-charged their progression simply by watching the webinar. Replays of each webinar are found in the FUN & INSPIRATION COURSE  (webinar replays section) and include: balance skills, wheelies, nose pivots, manuals and practice strategies. Dig in! 

Webinar Replays - Yoga

RLC’s yoga guru Jeff Mah has been running regular LIVE YOGA SESSIONS once a month. These sessions are themed to support the practice of specific skills (usually the focus of the  month) and offer a variety of amazing strength and stretching exercises so riders can maintain their practice progression. The sessions are 30 minutes of yoga followed by a 30-minute member Q&A session. Participants are raving about the quality of the workouts and information provided in the Q&A. Also keep your eyes peeled for upcoming sessions.   

Lesson Difficulty Ratings

We’re adding lesson ratings to all our courses so members can better gauge their progression and celebrate leveling-up, just like Super-Mario. The levels are no doubt already familiar to most: 

Green Circle - Fundamentals
Blue Square - Intermediate
Black Diamond - Advanced
Double Black Diamond - Expert

It’s important for progression to celebrate our successes and also to remind ourselves that achieving expert level isn’t always necessary for a skill to be highly useful on the trail. Courses currently sporting these ratings include: BASELINE BALANCE, WHEELIES, MANUALS and TIGHT SWITCHBACKS.


Non-Members wishing to access these lessons and courses can EXPLORE MEMBERSHIP HERE.