The Risk Paradox

We choose to mountain bike, it’s an awesome elective in life. It’s a risky sport, on a spectrum from low to high. We [can] choose, moment to moment, where on the spectrum we ride.

“The risk drives a little nervousness before every ride - and associated excitement of being immersed in a zone where nothing else exists and all my stresses in the world fade away.” SB

Risk is a complex topic, it begs for respect, attention and honestly. How you experience and deal with risk is personal, and can be a powerful teacher not only for your approach to riding, but for learning about yourself as a human navigating life. *Of note, all quotes are from students of my online skills courses.

“Risk and MTB riding go together and risk is part of living and creating a meaningful life.” RW

If the signals that risk attempts to communicate are ignored then there is a big price to pay. In my experience, risk wanted me to wake up, not just for clearing a section of trail,...

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