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Meet Member Netanel Jacobsson: Work - Life - Ride - Balance

Netanel is a venture capitalist and a mountain biker, or, as he says, maybe the other way around! He leads a busy life working and riding all over the world, and lives in Israel with his wife and five kids.

Interview by Coach Elaine Bothe

Hi Netanel, thank you for spending time with us. Is your name pronounced like it's spelled? Is “Net” your nickname? Yes, it’s short for Netanel (Nathaniel). My wife thought it was too long so she cut it in half. Plus it goes well with my business ;)

That makes sense since you are a global businessman. Where did you grow up, and where are you living now? I grew up in Malmo, Sweden but have lived in Helsinki, London and Palo Alto, CA. Now I live in Israel since 2001. 

I enjoyed reading your blog, especially your adventures and the story of Bill Tai and his kite surfing site, but what does the VC stand for in your website name? VC? It’s short for Venture Capital. So I call it The Mountain Biking Venture...

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