Copy Cat to Creation

Watch. Imitate.

We all start out in riding by imitating.

Monkey See Monkey Do. (to borrow the title of an old Hans Rey film)

That’s what we are for the most part, monkeys.

Almost all our abilities on our bikes, arise from imitation.

Typically, once you master what you’re imitating, then you’re in a position to add to it.

This goes for style just as much as technique.

An example from my career. I combined a variety of skills I’d imitated from many different pros, and the result was something unique, the Leech Loop, excerpt from my old instructional trials film, Mastering the Art of Trials.

Though it should more accurately be named ‘all the riders I imitated plus me loop’.

It’s standing on the shoulders of giants.

My portion is very very small. But someone needed to make that very very small contribution in order to keep this whole evolving and progressing machine running.

When you’re the first to do something, you’re making the...

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