Live Webinar: MTB Flow & Purpose in a Changing World.

Join me (Ryan Leech), for a one hour interactive live session as we dive deep into flow state and the meaning of MTB'ing in our changing world. 

Saturday, Nov 28

(Nov 29 Australia & New Zealand)

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Flow State: When a heightened energy or consciousness flows through and is expressed in the world by novel and often phenomenal performance and perception. Each experience is held within a sense of interconnected oneness - unlocking new levels of belief in what's possible. 

Dear fellow riders and friends, 

I’d like to take you on a journey through the elusive magic and mystery of flow states.

Rather than provide you with the typical narrative of ‘how to achieve flow state for optimal performance’, I’ll be delving much deeper by asking and exploring questions such as why exactly do humans experience flow, and why is this inherent human capacity one of the most sought after states of being yet one of the most elusive to enter.

Like most things, flow isn’t one thing.

There is a spectrum of ways flow can be experienced - and for many it arises randomly. The cool thing is that mountain biking is a playground where we can hone our personal relationship-to and understanding-of flow. We can then begin to intentionally choose flow not just for the trail, but to help navigate other challenges we face in our changing world.  

I'm so inspired to dive into this rich and far-reaching topic with you!

Meet Ryan Leech

During his 25-year pro riding career, Ryan Leech performed thousands of stunt shows around the world at venues such as Cirque du Soleil, IMBA World Summit, and Crankworx.

Ryan appeared in dozens of classic MTB films, including The Collective and Kranked series and is credited with progressing the sport of trials into a new era.

Ryan has been coaching mountain bikers for the past 25 years and is an avid explorer of human potential, a yoga instructor and Integral Master Coach™.

Live Webinar: MTB Flow State

Saturday, Nov 28, 2020 (North America & Europe)
Vancouver PST - 12PM
Denver MST - 1PM
New York EST - 3PM
Berlin CET - 9PM

Sunday, Nov 29, 2020 (Australia & New Zealand)
Sydney AEDT - 7AM
Auckland NZDT - 9AM

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