Let's Wheelie for the World.

Can a wheelie save the world? No. But social distancing can, and practicing wheelies can encourage social distancing. That's why we're giving away our 30-Day Wheelie Challenge course.


Normally only available for RLC members, the 30 Day Wheelie Challenge is available completely free for a limited time.

What you get:

30 Step-By-Step Video Lessons

Go from from zero wheelie ability, to stylishly cruising the neighbourhood on your back wheel. Forget those free online tutorials, this is the real thing.

Coach Feedback & Video Analysis

Stuck on something? Our coaches and ambassadors are standing by to answer your questions or provide feedback on your practice video. You are not alone. 

Practice Anywhere, Anytime

Practice in your free time. Simply watch the video lesson, practice the skill, and progress when you're ready. Simple, convenient and highly effective. 


Check out this wheelie 🤘
Tristan from Canada masters the wheelie, bunny hop and riding skinnies with the help of Ryan Leech Connection.

Meet Head Coach, Ryan Leech:
A Mountain Bike Legend.

Although he would never call himself that, Ryan is a legend.

During his 20-year pro riding career, Ryan Leech performed thousands of stunt shows around the world, including Cirque du Soleil, IMBA World Summit and Crankworx.

Ryan has appeared in dozens of MTB films, including The Collective and the Kranked series and is credited with progressing the sport of trials into a new era. In the photo opposite (that's Ryan on the left), he performs his final trials stunt show with two other legends of the sport, Hans "No Way" Rey and YouTube sensation, Danny MacAskill.  

He has been coaching mountain bikers for the past 24 years and is an avid explorer of human potential, a yoga instructor and Integral Master Coach™.

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Member Montage

Watch the progress of past members who've taken the 30-Day Wheelie Challenge:



Wheelie Good Questions

A wheelie is riding around with your front wheel in the air, while seated and pedalling. 

Wheelies are so much fun you'll do them for no other reason than the amazing feeling you get cruising on your back wheel.

However learning to wheelie ALSO really helps your pedal-punch and front wheel lift techniques, while hanging out in the rear-wheel-float-zone does amazing things for your overall balance abilities. On-trail applications include lifting your front wheel onto ledges, over logs, around tight switchbacks and of course showing off to your mates. 

Wheelies are one of those skills you learn not because they are essential, but because it's soooo much fun! 

There are no prerequisites or special skills required to learn to wheelie. Nor are there special fitness or strength requirements. You can start straight away. 

Learning to wheelie does give your arms and shoulders a great workout (not ideal if you're recovering from shoulder surgery!). We recommend partnering this course with a skill that's less shoulder intensive to give you a break and provide variety to your practice sessions. This is a good strategy to help avoid overuse injuries from excessive repetitions. Plus it's more fun and the change of focus helps boost progress. 

You can use any well maintained mountain bike to learn to wheelie. This bike needs some gears and a seatpost that can be dropped around an inch from regular riding height. 

We do insist that your bike is equipped with flat pedals and highly recommend grippy, flat-pedal shoes and shin guards (not just for wheelies, but all skills practice) as flat pedals promote correct technique and allow fast emergency dismounts.  

In addition to the mandatory helmet and gloves, some riders also choose to kit up with knee and elbow guards for extra confidence, and even armoured shorts. Not because doing wheelies is highly dangerous, but because we all stumble sometimes and probably need to go to work the following day.   

The million dollar question! Some people blast through courses and surprise us with how fast they progress. Most riders take longer than they expect.

Why? Because if doing a wheelie were easy everyone would be able to do it.

Yes, you could complete this course in 30-days, however most riders have limited time and other responsibilities, so just practice when they can. Some lessons are easily completed in one session, others might take several sessions to achieve the required standard.

A better question is: will I be successful? If you follow the lessons precisely, practice well, and reach out to our team when you have questions or frustrations, the answer is yes, learning to wheelie is totally achievable. The really important thing is to enjoy the journey.

Worrying about how long it is taking is the fastest way to frustration and failure. 

Sure thing! Here you go: 

30-Day Wheelie Challenge


30 Progressive Video Lessons

Unlimited Coach Feedback And Video Critiques


More Testimonials

You CAN learn how to wheelie. All it requires is the right progressions, coach feedback and a lot of practice.

Let our members inspire you:

“Ryan you LEGEND! I can wheelie for 100 metres on most days now. Best trick ever.”


“Thanks again Ryan for all your support and insight! I honestly would have given up and decided I didn't have the "wheelie gene" were it not for this 30 Day Wheelie Challenge. In one of the videos you said "Ah the wheelie - I thought I would never get this trick." I thought the same thing, but with patience and chipping away at it, I eventually got it and its definitely worth it. Those words kept me going.”


"Ryan Leech breaks the intricate mystery of how to wheelie a bike down into bite size pieces that anyone can work through." -Jonathan Wong


“I could never wheelie, was always afraid of trying and hurting myself, but the course breaks down all the steps and introduces them at a steady comfortable rate. Eventually, the front wheel will lift, you will feel the float, and you will be hooked on the feeling. With this course and some dedication, chasing that elusive float became easier each and every day, and as an added bonus, Ryan will get you out on your bike every day, and who doesn't love that!” -Steve Sheldon


“Having known Ryan for a number of years, I knew the 30 Day Wheelie Challenge was going to be more than learning a biking trick. And I wasn't disappointed!” -Felix Lee


“I have wanted to wheelie my whole life. I took the wheelie challenge as a way to push myself further and see if I could get past the frustration with it. Ryan has such a supportive and comprehensive way of teaching, that it was easy to understand. I got a couple of my friends into the challenge to keep me honest, and practiced like crazy, experimenting with all the elements of balance, fear, and technique. Ryan guided me through each day and it was incredibly satisfying to go from front wheel off the ground to controlled wheelies for almost 30 pedal strokes. Anywhere I go now, I'm wheeling :) Thx Ryan.” -Jill Kintner


“Well ... I made it. I stuck with it and I can tell you that I am FINALLY not the guy who "can't do wheelies" anymore! I've been riding mountain bikes since the 80's and I guess I just never really put in the effort. I learned pretty much everything else over the years, but I just never did the work. So maybe I overachieved here. I'm not going to lie ... it took me more than 30 days. I did some of the exercises three times. I did it in the spring so that I could ride my bike to work and practice both ways putting in more like 30 minutes a day ... I had the biggest payoff yesterday. I rode to my kids' school to pick them up so we could all ride home together. They are 5 and 7 and when I arrived, my son yelled to his friend, "hey, my dad can do wheelies ... do it dad." I popped up and pulled a 10 pedal stroke wheelie across the playground and the kids went wild. That was awesome. Thanks man.”


“Doing great wheelies is one of the most defining moments for most bike riders young or old. Wheelies are so rewarding, however, very elusive for so many riders and to date little information has ever been published or created on such an essential skill. Ryan has developed a complete wheelie training program that builds and hone's the fundamental skills of riding on one wheel in a fun, balanced approach that combines just the right amount of technique and practice using attainable goal setting combined with positive motivation that provides solid and tangible results, straight up. Ryan has worked out the kinks to front wheel freedom and in just 30 days you will be challenging every kid on the block in a one wheeled show down!” -Jay Hoots


“Ryan’s program is well delivered, easy to follow, and fun! I was making progress with every lesson, and at the end I was doing my best wheelies ever!” -Mike Koster


“There's no one better out there to teach you the elusive wheelie! Step by step, pedal by pedal, you'll get it! Ever since I was a kid I wanted to learn how to wheelie, this great teaching tool helped me to accomplish it with ease.” -Darren Stace-Smith



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