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The perfect gift for your friends or family who are MTB fanatics! 
Simply select the course you'd like to give, and we'll send you a private link that you can share with the lucky recipient.
This could be for:
A Christmas Gift
Birthday Present
A Thank you Gift
An award or prize

How it Works

  1. Click on the course you'd like to give as a gift - that will take you to a checkout page
  2. Purchase the Gift Course
  3. Immediately after purchase you'll receive an email with a unique web address
  4. Send that address to your favorite person where they will add their name and email to gain full access to the course!
  5. You'll also get a cool gift card PDF that you can use when giving the gift. Print it out or send it digitally!

Which course would you like to give?

Jump with Confidence - $47 USD

Progress from beginner through intermediate while turning fear into fun. Featuring an all-star team of coaches! Learn More

Give the Gift of Jumping!

The 30 Day Wheelie Challenge - $30 USD

Every mountain biker deserves to experience the feeling of riding a beautiful wheelie! Learn More


Give the Gift of Wheelies

The Bunny Hop & Manual Master Class Combo - $67 USD

A learning journey that ensures your acquisition of the Bunny Hop and Manual. Two highly desirable, effective and versatile mtb skills. Learn More

Give the Gift of Bunny Hops & Manuals

One Year All-Access Membership - $171 USD

An all-access pass to all our courses for one year! Join a wonderful community all enjoying massive improvements in their skill level and enjoyment of mountain biking. Learn More

Give the Gift of Skills

The Cornering Continuum - $47 USD

Every corner is unique due to a massive number of variables, or continuums - both in corner type and rider technique. This massive course is guaranteed to add speed and confidence to your technique. Learn More

Give the Gift of Fast Corners

Baseline Balance Skills - $47 USD

42 progressive video lessons designed to quickly boost your confidence & maneuverability on technical trails. Our most popular course! Learn More

Give the Gift of Balance

Tight Switchbacks & Front Wheel PIvots $47 USD

Learn to navigate tight tricky switchbacks with safety, ease and style! Beginner to Advanced video progressions for techniques such as stoppies and nose pivots, along with slow speed balance for steep slopes.

Give the Gift of Switchbacks

Here's a Sample of the Gift Card

You'll get this image to print or send digitally to your whoever the lucky recipient of your gift is. They're customized for each course. Fun!

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