David Harrison

“Ryan Leech’s lessons teach valuable skills in a clear, manageable, effective progression. Each course has a progression, but there ...

Lora Curtis

“Learning through videos that you can go back and refer to is far superior in my eyes to taking a skills clinic that once over is left to ...

Tom Camp

“For the first time EVER, I finally performed a true bunny hop. I did a manual, felt the rear tire load, and soared skywards! I’ve b...

Bjørn Østerhus

“A wide variety of detailed exercises. Frequently updates. Quick response to answers. In summary: just about everything! And now we’...


“Ryan Leech Connection is almost the same as having a private coach. Ryan is a great instructor, and the site offers a variety of ways to ...

David Buttery

"I just wanted to say wow can't believe how good your coaching is. After a brief ride this morning and a little bit of practice on this I'm alre...

Member Practice Video Montage

Along with their inspirational words of wisdom



“The coaching received for improving physical mountain bike skills, mindful strategies and getting around the website has been very helpfu...

Zane Tedder

“For any rider looking to improve both their riding abilities AND looking to increase their durability and longevity on the bike, Ryan&rsq...

Russ Risdon

“Because Ryan is one of the greatest resources we have today for explaining and demonstrating bike skills!”

Jack Bowes

First off, a thanks to Ryan and his team for putting this out there. I am 8 rides in and I am loving the flats! I am a competitive cross country racer with a BMX background. At almost 48 years old after switching back to flats, I have seen my riding become more aggressive and yet smoother since moving forward into flats. Everything about my riding has been getting better. Second nature comes to mind. Whether that is from the lack of tension subconsciously or the added support I feel in the connection with the platforms but my bunny hops are normal again (no cheating with bad form), manualling, cornering, everything is better and faster. Climbing was different at first but I have managed to settle into a rhythm that works for me. It has changed the way I look at my riding, Making it more about having fun and experimenting on the trail. I now ride with the enthusiasm of a teenager again and for that i owe you a big thanks! The program is very well thought out and informative and I would recommend everyone to try the challenge. Flats may not be for everyone but there are a lot of tips and things that you can put into practice to be found here that will help make your riding experience better. Switched to Boomslangs from Eggbeaters and have been extremely happy so far.

George Stuyt

“I have learned a lot from reading and watching these training videos. Just wish I had more time to practice and enjoy what I’ve learned!”

Jason Powers

“Incredible teacher. Ryan is absolutely inspiring in many ways. Clear content. Love it, love it!!”


“This website is awesome. The teaching is very clear and concise.”


“Well structured, great videos and explanations, good value for money!”


“You’re tutorials have a lot easy to follow and very well explained steps.”

Troy Kasper

"Your courses are AWESOME!"


“Great step by step progressions for skills, also balanced view of biking, with yoga, facing mental challenges”


“Excellent instruction that is broken down in a thoughtful manner.”

James Brant

“I've paid for a few lessons over the years and they were definitely good, but you are on a whole different level. I can't imagine coaching gets any better, more detailed, or more positively delivered making a broad range of riders feel good about the whole undertaking. As close to perfect as it could be!”

Ian Bruce

“The website is by far the best source of information for everything to do with learning how to ride a mountain bike at all levels. Ryan i...


“Because he has helped me so much. When you come over a hill to find a rock in your path; the ability to stop, do a quick track stand, and...


“Your open minded holistic approach. You possess the skills, attitude, and teaching strategies to facilitate my learning and help me take ...


“The lessons are more specific that any other instruction I’ve received elsewhere. Also several approaches are often presented to su...

Neil Ellis

“Because unlike other instruction I have tried you give a detailed step by step instruction of each skill”


“Ryan Leech Connection is a real treasure trove. Amazing amounts of information, ideas, support , and just good vibes all around….thank you Ryan!”


“A tremendous wealth of information, presented in an accessible/understandable way. I find Ryan’s enthusiasm very motivational!”

Kevin Timoney

“Provides a wide variety of information applicable to all mountain bikers and also those of us that would just like to be fit physically and mentally.”

Steve Hofsaess

“I was skeptical about committing to a monthly program with this site, How much can I actually learn each month? After watching the first video, I am convinced that I made the correct choice. I wish this information was available 20 years ago.”


“I have already recommended to a few friends. I really like the Pilates, yoga and the skill break down.”


“This course has been the most through, step by step explanation I have ever been exposed to. I have ridden both bicycles & motocross most of my 58 years and this has broken it down in a way that I can talk to others in a common language. Thank you for giving back to the sport we love.”

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