Give the Gift of MTB Skills!

Easily give one of our online skill courses as a gift! Simply select the course you'd like to give, and we'll send you a private link that you can share with the lucky recipient. This could be for:

A Christmas Gift

Birthday Present

A Thank you Gift

An award or prize

Or most popularly, to give to another riding friend who you'd like to join you in a course you've already signed up for to help with accountability!

Which course would you like to give?

Gift: Jump with Confidence - $69 USD

Progress from beginner through intermediate while turning fear into fun. Featuring an all-star team of coaches!

Give the Gift of Jumping!

Gift: The Bunny Hop & Manual Master Class Combo - $47 USD

A learning journey that ensures your acquisition of the Bunny Hop and Manual. Two highly desirable, effective and versatile mtb skills.

Give the Gift of Bunny Hops & Manuals

Gift: The 30 Day Wheelie Challenge - $30 USD

Every mountain biker deserves to experience the feeling of riding a beautiful wheelie!

Give the Gift of Wheelies

Gift: Ryan Leech Connection Membership - $19 USD per month

An all-access pass to all our courses! Join a wonderful community all enjoying massive improvements in their skill level and enjoyment of mountain biking.

Give the Gift of Skills!

Gift: Baseline Balance Skills - $47 USD

42 progressive video lessons designed to quickly boost your confidence & maneuverability on technical trails. Our most popular course!

Give the Gift of Balance

Gift: The Cornering Continuum - $47 USD

Every corner is unique due to a massive number of variables, or continuums - both in corner type and rider technique. This massive course is guaranteed to add speed and confidence to your technique.

Give the Gift of Fast Corners

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