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The Cornering Continuum

There are a continuum of corner types and techniques to attack them with. Through theory & drills you'll radically improve your speed & confidence. 45 lessons

The 30 Day Wheelie Challenge

30 progressive video lessons to designed to help you enjoy one of the best feelings in the world! 36 lessons

The Bunny Hop Master Class

A learning journey that ensures your acquisition of the Bunny Hop. A highly desirable, effective and versatile mountain biking skill. 28 lessons

Baseline Balance Skills

42 progressive video lessons designed to quickly boost your confidence & maneuverability on technical trails. You’ll eliminate foot dabs and gain flow! 47 lessons

The Manual Master Class

Manuals are often dreamt - seldom realized, and are massively valuable out o the trail. 24 Class Collection

The 12 Ride Flat Pedal Challenge

A friendly drill-filled guide designed to help you discover the transformative technique and style gifts of flat pedals.

Fun & Easy Bike Tricks

Simple tips to learn easy tricks, such as limbo, side skids, no hands, trail games and saddle rides! 21 lessons

Physical Fitness

Our bodies need maintenance to ride long and strong. Enjoy a large variety of yoga sessions, pilates, and cross-training techniques. 50+Classes

Technical Climbing

Cleaning a challenging climb requires a high level of skill, often more so than technical descents. Ryan explores the nuanced yet wide range of skills necessary for climbing mastery. 3 lessons

Front Wheel Fun

Huge style points are awarded for doing nose wheelies around switchbacks - not only that but it’s faster and more fun! 6 lessons

Mental Game

A crucial yet totally under-acknowledged aspect of learning and progressing is how we use and train our minds. 20+ lessons

Assorted Tutorials

Clearing logs and ledges, launching drops, and riding slippery sections - this section will keep you challenged. 16+ lessons

Why Step-by-Step Curriculum Based Learning?


Members Only Facebook Group

Our membership base is an inspiring collective of riders, coaches and ambassadors from around the world. This is a safe place to share your practice videos and gain valuable insight, no matter what your level of riding.

"Ryan is a great instructor, and the site offers a variety of ways to improve bike skills, fitness and fun. For a very reasonable price, you get direct and valuable feedback from one of the best mountain bikers on the planet. I can honestly say that after only a few months, I am not only a better rider, but I have more confidence on the bike, more fun and more ‘finesse’ riding."


"Ryan’s courses use small, fun but challenging steps to build your skills up gradually and consistently. It took a bit of work but I can now track stand and manual on command. I’ve been riding mountain bikes for over 20 years and since joining I have felt a noticeable improvement in my riding style and the fun I have on a bike."


"The coaching received for improving physical mountain bike skills, mindful strategies and getting around the website has been very helpful for me as I have been utilizing all the tools available. If I have any questions or comments they are answered quite quickly and in a super friendly manner. I love Ryan Leech Connection!"


"It was really fun being guided by Ryan for the wheelie challenge. He is so calm & thorough with his teaching style, I really enjoyed all the daily lessons and made a lot of progress even with my skill sets as a pro. I practiced every day, learned a lot, & went from a few pedal strokes to about 30 pedal strokes under control. Anywhere I go now, I’m wheeling thanks to Ryan."

Jill Kintner

"As well as the absolutely fantastic skill lessons with step-by-step instructional videos, all my questions are personally answered regarding any doubts about how to do something, this makes a big difference. I really admire what Ryan is doing here and wish for his unique approach to coaching to grow, for the benefit of all mountain bikers out there!"

Wacek Kipszak Waki

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"Being on Ryan Leech Connection these last two years has inspired me to better my life in many ways from learning new skills on the bike and mat to developing my mental control. It is easy to see when a business is driven by passion and this shines through in all of Ryan’s content :)"

Lindsey Colla

"I’ve really benefited from Ryan’s structured lessons and practice. My riding had plateaued for a number of years, but Ryan’s courses have helped me develop core skills that are translating into advances on the trail. "

Rob Selina

"Ryan’s coaching methods are very logical and progressive, and his responses to questions are incredibly insightful. I'm having a blast working through the courses and dedicating myself to doing the drills required. The results are undeniable!"

Jess Iburg

"You have no idea how much I have anticipated this clinic. I am very nearly obsessing about the things I have learned from your teaching in the short time I have been following you. You are easily the best teacher I ever tried to learn from, and I mean that! "

Tim Johnson

"Ryan’s skill curriculums are well delivered and structured, easy to follow, and most importantly fun! I have been making steady progress with every lesson and am riding better than I ever have! Thanks Ryan Leech Connection "

Mike Koster

Trail - Bike - Body - Mind

This is our motto. All the curriculums and content is designed by leveraging this integrated perspective on learning.


Every trail is unique and each demands a unique combination of skills. Trails are why we mountain bike, they connect us to challenge, nature, and experience.


The bike needs to manipulated in different ways to stay connected to the trail. Skill improvement requires practice – we aim to speed up your learning curve. Refining your technique always pays off in more speed, efficiency, and ultimately enjoyment while out on the trail!


Mountain biking can be hard on our bodies! We want to ride bikes pain-free for the long term which inspired us to offer the a large selection of mtn bike specific yoga sessions for all levels. You’ll also discover a variety of cross-training workouts, pilates sessions, and balance/core sequences.


A crucial yet under-acknowledged aspect of learning is how we use (or don’t use) our mental powers. Ryan Leech Connection provides guidance to leverage our inner-game in each course and has an entire section devoted to Mental Fitness. Practice visualization and meditation, and explore how ego and emotion affect your riding performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

I just want to buy the wheelie challenge, what should I do? You can purchase any of my courses seperately, no problem! Though I often suggest that riders work on a couple courses together, so you could become a member and benefit from a selection of tutorials, and stay only as long as you're inspired to continue learning. 

Is there a membership contract? No contract. Pay as you go! Join by paying monthly or save by paying yearly.

What skill level do I need to be at? Most courses progress riders from a beginner level right through advanced level challenges - so all levels all good!

Can I view these courses on my cell phone? You bet! Our content is fully mobile and tablet optimized. Take us riding if you like! Yearly membership allows you to download the content too!

If I send you a video of my technique, will you critique it for me? For sure! Accurate feedback is our mission. We review your videos and answer all your comments & questions. Your success is our primary purpose!

There are hundreds of lessons, how do I keep track? We take care of that for you! Course completion is tracked using progress bars and our site even remembers where in each video you got to and resumes from that point, no matter what device you login from.

Ryan Leech's work has been Featured In

The Founder, Ryan Leech, shares why the motto Trail - Bike - Body -Mind is the inspiration and standard for all the content created for the site.



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