The Cornering Continuum Online Course

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The Cornering Continuum Online Course

Every corner is unique due to a massive number of variables, or continuums - both in corner type and rider technique. There isn't just one 'right-way' to ride corners, so I created a comprehensive, theory based approach supported by practice drills to give justice to what is arguably the most important skill set for mountain bikers.


The Cornering Continuum Curriculum

A complete methodology for understanding and attacking all corners for increased confidence, speed and flow. 

First Corner - Introduction

Welcome & Why I Created this Course
Why Are You Taking this Course?
Bike Set Up & Tires
Second Corner - Corner Controlled Continuums

Camber: Bermed through Off-Camber
Arc: Gradual through Tight
Slope: Level to Steep
Surface: Grippy to Slippery
Obstacles: Bumpy to Smooth

Third Corner - Rider Technique Continuums
Forces: Low to High
Traction: High to Low Friction
Steering: Straight to Sharp
Lean & Balance: Matched to Angled
Pedal Position: Level to Dropped & Reversed
Body Position: Low to High
Braking: Early to Late & Modulated to Locked
Speed: Slow to Fast
Effort: Passive to Proactive

Fourth Corner: Mental Game Continuums
Strategic Line Choice
Rhythm & Style

Fifth Corner: Integration of Corner - Bike - Body - Mind
Final Practice and Completion

*Lessons are released over the course of a month to inspire pacing and thorough engagement in lessons.

Example: Lesson 21 of 45 - A Continuum of Pedal Positions

A sample lesson from the 'Rider Technique Continuums' section of the course.


What skill level is this course designed for?

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Customer Praise for The Cornering Continuum

Sean Verret

"Ryan Leech's Cornering Continuum course is an excellent delivery of information in small packages for anyone who wants to improve their corneri...

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"Ryan Leech Connection is more than an online tutorial site, it's a community of like minded people learning, sharing and supporting each other....

Lindsey Colla

"I have only completed the first few lessons lessons of The Cornering Continuum and I already feel more mindful of my cornering technique, creating more control and speed. Can't wait to see and feel the results at the end - thanks Ryan!"

Net Jacobsson

"I have learned so much from Ryan's Cornering Continuum, from building confidence and exploring my limits in cornering to new ways of thinking of different kinds of corners. Ryan just has a way of breaking things down and to help you to build up your skill base step-by-step in a safe and controlled manner."

Josh Shulman

"This course is very well done! Cornering is by far the funnest thing you can do on your bike and you have done a great job breaking down the science involved and the skills needed to make your bike corner smoother which leads to more speed and more fun!"

Why I created this online course


Frequently Asked Questions

What skill level do I need to be at? This course was designed with the intermediate level rider in mind, but will benefit beginners (not first timers) through advanced level riders.

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If I send you a video of my cornering technique, will you critique it for me? For sure! Accurate feedback is our mission. We review your videos and answer all your comments & questions. Your improvement is our purpose!

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