The 12 Ride Flat Pedal Challenge

Discover the technique & style gifts of flat pedals. An online course designed by Ryan Leech.


Our free course has 12 progressive video lessons with theory, drills and interactive coach support.

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Who is this course for?

Designed with the clipless pedal rider in mind. If you haven't spent much or any time on flat pedals, or if you tried flats but only for a few rides, then this course is for you. The drills are friendly to help make the transition to flats as positive and benefitial as possible. 

Everything you need to know to turn your flat experience into a high

This program challenges the trend that mountain bikers need clipless pedals to excel... in fact, it may be just the opposite!

Clipless vs Flats?

They each have benefits - if you only ride clipless, this course is designed with you in mind - though the information will benefit most flat pedal riders too.


Important considerations in your selection of pedals, shoes, and pads. Solidifying your motivation, rationale, and inspiration for taking on this challenge

A 12 Ride Plan

You could just switch to flats and ride - but this course will supercharge your transition period for full technique & style benefit.

Coach Support

It can be challenging switching to flats, especially after years of riding clipless - so the Ryan Leech Connection team will be ready to answer your questions throughout the course.

Pedalling a Purpose

By switching from clipless pedals to flat pedals and following this program, you will improve your riding skills more than with any other method I know of - though not without some challenge and perhaps frustration.

Riding with flat pedals reveals inefficiencies in your riding technique and forces you to learn and relearn skills in the most effective way. Many skills developed while on clipless pedals are compromised and therefore very limiting for long term skill progression. Our bike and body need to move as one cohesive and connected unit, and flat pedals inspire this.

This integrated movement is also related to style - riders who have spent time developing their skills on flat pedals simply look good when mountain biking!

I’m not trying to convert you into a die-hard flat pedal rider however, clipless pedals do have benefits too. Though if you haven’t paid your dues on flats, you’re missing out on some major mountain biking benefits! After this challenge you can then translate these skills and style back to your clipless pedals… or continue on with your feet free.

This course provides enough structure, instruction, drills, theory, and support so that you can gain the incredible benefits that flat pedals give, which requires a dozen rides!

Ride ON!

Ryan Leech

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Curriculum - Table of Contents

Part 1 - Introduction

Pedalling a Purpose
The Flat vs Clipless Divide - Which is Better?
How to Use & Benefit from this Course
Quotes from Members of Ryan Leech Connection
Part 2 - Cultivating Commitment

Bowl Theory
Beginner Considerations
Concerns & FAQ
Cross Training with James Wilson

Part 3 - I Need Gear!

Part 4 - The 12 Ride Flat Pedal Challenge

Ride #1: Friendly Familiarization
Ride #2: Getting off on Flats
Ride #3: Spinning Free
Ride #4: Slow Speed Poise
Ride #5: Corner Confidence
Ride #6: Home Base & Rear Lifts
Ride #7: Staying Connected
Ride #8: Self Observation
Ride #9: Comfort in the Air
Ride #10: Wheelies, Bunnies, Manuals and More!
Ride #11: Style your Adventure!
Ride #12: Forgetting You're on Flats

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The 12 Ride Flat Pedal Challenge


 The 12 Ride Flat Pedal Challenge

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