Tight Switchback & Stoppie Tutorials

Learn stoppies and nose pivots to ride tight switchbacks more safely and spectacularly! A video based online course packed with drills and coach support.

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Why Learn Stoppies & Nose Pivots?

Guest coach Thomas Oehler provides clear reasoning why these techniques go far beyond just style and fun!


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Course Curriculum

Part 1: Turn The Switch Back On

Course introduction, prerequisites and safety protocol.

Part 2: Front Fundamentals

Learn how to deal with braking on steep slopes, turning sharply, and the practice the three foundational ingredients to a great nose pivot or stoppies.

Part 3: A Magnified Effect

Integrate the baseline movement patterns into straight ahead stoppies and nose pivots.

Part 4: Rotations

Add complexity by adding rotating to your stoppies and pivots - so much fun!!

Part 5: Trail Applications

Thomas leads the charge with sage advice on how to deal with obstacles such as rocks and logs during your rotations.

Part 6: Advanced Variations

Challenge yourself with nollies, front wheel hops, and nose pivot drops.

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