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Each clinic is based off one of my online courses

Clinics are 90 minutes each

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*Due to my goal to have small personal group sizes - we only have space for you to register for one 90 minute clinic.

FULL - Friday March 2nd, 10:30am - Bunny Hop Master Class

This is a complicated skill that requires time to develop due to the physical demands of the movement pattern. I'll be walking you through the key drills and offering guidance for wherever level you're at on the spectrum of progress for this technique. 

FULL - Friday March 2nd, 1pm - Baseline Balance Skills

Our most popular course and perhaps the most valuable for the technical trails in Sedona. Learn Track stands, hopping and rocking. These slow speed skills are what I believe to be a must-have in your skill toolkit.

FULL - Saturday March 3rd, 10:30am - Nose Pivots & Stoppies for Tight Switchbacks

FULL - Adjusting your rear wheel to choose the best line and to stay safer when the terrain gets tight is the focus of this clinic. Make sure you work through the initial progressions in this brand new online course so you're prepared to get the most out of our in-person time together.

Saturday March 3rd, 1:00pm - 30 Day Wheelie Challenge

3 SPOTS LEFT - One of the best feelings you can have on your bike. Bring your best wheelie attempts to this clinic and I'll provide you with some strong advice that the rest of the group can learn from. This will be a potent group learning experience!

FULL - Sunday March 4th at 10:30am - Learn to Jump with Confidence

FULL - Beginner through Intermediate - Jumping can be dangerous, so it's crucial to have the fundamentals totally automatic on smaller table top jumps. That's what we'll focus on in this short session - please come prepared with questions!


Based on interest, we may open up another clinic!


What do you want to learn? Skill progression takes time, our courses provide step-by-step theory and drills with access to our coaching team to answer your questions and review your practice videos.


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