Skills Practice Jam - Canmore, AB - June 3rd

A social skills practice session for adult mountain bikers

LOCATION: Millenium Park, Canmore

JAM: 12:30 to 2:30pm

YOGA & CHAT & : 3:00 TO 4:30pm


What is a Practice Jam?



“repeated exercise in or performance of an activity or skill so as to acquire or maintain proficiency in it.”

The “Practice Jam” offers a relaxed, creative and collaborative gathering for practicing mtb skills among other like-minded riders. You choose what to practice, watch others with similar interests for inspiration, and give and receive tips with your fellow riders.

We’ll provide an open, grass covered field with cones, high jump bars, and platforms to play and practice on.

Ryan will connect with each participant providing specific guidance, feedback and demo’s throughout the two hour jam.

We encourage you to be curious, explore and experiment with different techniques that you can then integrate and adapt to the trail.

Many clinics provide a firehose of tips and instruction which can be overwhelming and add to a busy mind which can adversely affect learning. We're instead aiming to establish (or re-establish) a sustainable, self-driven practice ethic.

Skills require time and practice to develop.  Muscles need to adapt. There's a big difference between mentally understanding a skill and physically executing it. A small dose of targeted coaching can be very meaningful and powerful.

We encourage you to practice skills in which you may not yet execute confidently, and make the most of the relaxed learning space, quality coaching and demos, and tips from your fellow riders.

Who is this for?

Age: Adults

Skill Level: Experienced riders looking for ways to boost their skills. Approximately 'Intermediate' give-or-take

25 participants max


Schedule Detail

Practice Jam

Time: 12:30 - 2:30

Location: Millenium Park, Canmore

Purpose: Learn to practice, practice, and collaborate. Gentle structure provided by Ryan

Yoga Stretch

Time: 3 - 4

Location: The Yoga Lounge, 826 8th St, Canmore

Purpose: An all-levels stretch session by owner Jeff Mah 


Time: 4 - 4:30

Location: The Yoga Lounge - 826 8th St, Canmore

Purpose: Discussion about fear, risk & flow led by Ryan

12:15 Arrive & Gear Up

12:30 Ryan speaks about practice -seemingly obvious but massively undervalued and misinterpreted

12:45 Practice time

1:30 Ryan speaks about a Realistic Progression Cycle

1:45 Practice time

2:30 Jam ends - change venues

3:00 Yoga Stretch Begins

4:00 Mental Fitness Conversation Begins

Our Practice Jam starts in...








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