30 Day Wheelie Challenge - 2nd Edition

If you love riding bikes, you deserve to experience the joy that comes from riding a wheelie with confidence. This course is designed to take you there, one small strategic step at a time.

30 progressive lessons with video, text, and drawings in a slick e-learning format for all devices.

Start anytime for only a dollar-a-day and earn that joyful wheelie ability once and for all! Once you purchase you'll have immediate & unlimited access to the entire course...


"Ryan Leech breaks the intricate mystery of how to wheelie a bike down into bite size pieces that anyone can work through." Jonathan Wong

"I could never wheelie, was always afraid of trying and hurting myself, but the course breaks down all the steps and introduces them at a steady comfortable rate. Eventually, the front wheel will lift, you will feel the float, and you will be hooked on the feeling. With this course and some dedication, chasing that elusive float became easier each and every day, and as an added bonus, Ryan will get you out on your bike every day, and who doesn't love that!" -Steve Sheldon

"I have wanted to wheelie my whole life. I took the wheelie challenge as a way to push myself further and see if I could get past the frustration with it. Ryan has such a supportive and comprehensive way of teaching, that it was easy to understand. I got a couple of my friends into the challenge to keep me honest, and practiced like crazy, experimenting with all the elements of balance, fear, and technique. Ryan guided me through each day and it was incredibly satisfying to go from front wheel off the ground to controlled wheelies for almost 30 pedal strokes. Anywhere I go now, I'm wheeling :) Thx Ryan." Jill Kintner

"Having known Ryan for a number of years, I knew the 30 Day Wheelie Challenge was going to offer more than just learning a biking trick. And I wasn't disappointed!" -Felix Lee

"Doing great wheelies is one of the most defining moments for most bike riders young or old. Wheelies are so rewarding, however, very elusive for so many riders and to date little information has ever been published or created on such an essential skill. Ryan has developed a complete wheelie training program that builds and hone's the fundamental skills of riding on one wheel in a fun, balanced approach that combines just the right amount of technique and practice using attainable goal setting combined with positive motivation that provides solid and tangible results, straight up. Ryan has worked out the kinks to front wheel freedom and in just 30 days you will be challenging every kid on the block in a one wheeled show down!" -Jay Hoots