Baseline Balance Skills for Mountain Bikers

42 progressive video lessons designed to quickly boost your confidence & maneuverability on technical trails. You'll eliminate foot dabs and gain flow. These balance techniques are radically transformative, yet often overlooked and under-utilized. You can learn these even if you're a beginner, and if you're an expert - it's never too late!

You'll gain the ability to creatively and enjoyably solve these common trail riding traps:

  • Re-position your bike for the optimal line, every time
  • Remain balanced while a rider dabs or walks in front of you
  • Clean tight switchbacks
  • Roll slowly while in control down technical trails
  • Stop without dabbing to quickly scope your line
  • Navigate tight trees
  • Recover after a mistake and regain composure
  • Adjust tire position on skinnies with ease
  • Confidently hop sideways off logs or ledges
  • Waiting on your bike for a traffic light to change
  • Pause to re-focus and breathe
  • Ride slowly with stability up or down steep technical trails

Track stands, hopping and rocking, especially when used seamlessly together - are truly the most attainable technical riding skills that provide the biggest appreciation in abilities.

Once you purchase you'll have immediate & unlimited access to the course.

Join me, and lets dial in your Baseline Balance Skills together!