Photography Academy

A suite of classes to turn you into an amazing photographer.


bunny hop bunnyhop

Fun & Easy Bike Tricks

I made a living practicing hard and then 'showing-off on my bike for over 20 years. You don't need to practice that m...


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Baseline Balance Skills for Mountain Bikers

42 progressive video lessons designed to quickly boost your confidence & maneuverability on technical trails. You...

$47.00 USD

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The Manual Master Class

Manuals are often dreamt – seldom realized. Lets change that! 23 carefully designed and tested video lessons to...

$32.00 USD

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The Bunny Hop Master Class

A learning journey that ensures your acquisition of the Bunny Hop. A highly desirable, effective and versatile m...

$32.00 USD

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Yoga for Mountain Bikers

Through a twenty year professional mountain biking career, yoga has allowed me to ride longer and with more style, ma...


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Ryan Leech Video Segment Anthology

The complete collection of Ryan Leech’s mountain bike and trials video segments: Revolution, Kranked 1, Kranke...


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30 Day Wheelie Challenge - 2nd Edition

If you love riding bikes, you deserve to experience the joy that comes from riding a wheelie with confidence. This co...

$30.00 USD

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Ryan Leech Connection Membership

An all-access pass to all our courses! Join a wonderful community of riders who are dedicated to improving their...

$19.00 USD every month

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Here's What You'll Learn To Become A Great Photographer

Different Equipment

Get to know different cameras and settings and how to best utilize them.

Perfect Lighting

Find out how to get the right lighting in any situation.

Mobile Photography

Take great photos on the go when you don’t have your best equipment on you.

Landscape Shots

Discover how to take great shots of nature wherever you are.


Understand how to take photos of people and make them look nice.

Photo Editing

Learn how to edit your photos and make them look perfect in post-production.

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