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Ryan Leech Connection, based out of Vancouver, BC Canada, offers adult oriented, comprehensive and effective online mountain bike skill training courses with interactive coach and ambassador support.

We believe in mountain biking as a lifelong passion, so incredible care is taken to combine step-by-step theory and drills with physical and mental fitness practices. Our mantra Trail - Bike - Body - Mind informs and inspires all the content we produce.

Ryan Leech established this online coaching platform in 2012 as a place to share the skills he developed during his 20 year career as a professional mountain biker.

Ryan Leech - Founder & Head Coach

Through his twenty year long career as a pro mountain biker, Ryan performed thousands of stunt shows around the world with clients such as Cirque du Soleil, IMBA, and Crankworx. Ryan has been coaching mtn bikers since age sixteen. As an avid explorer of human potential, Ryan earned his certification as an Integral Master Coach™ which has radically influenced his ability to design adult oriented mtn bike skill curriculums. Ryan created the Trials-of-Life school presentation sharing his passion for riding at hundreds of course. As a certified yoga instructor, he designed the Ride & Reach program, blending yoga & mountain biking with a retreat style learning vibe. Ryan’s dedication and love of mountain biking is stronger than ever and with his world renown and versatile riding abilities and reputation in the industry, it makes him one of the strongest ambassadors for the sport.


Meet our international and passionate team of ambassadors and coaches!

Russ Risdon - Coach & Ambassador

Russ has been an avid traveler through-out North America riding all the best bike parks and trails – mountain biking has fueled his life since 1988. He is a certified PMBi mountain bike coach and guide for Cog Wild in Bend, OR. He is also a certified Pilates (15 years),TRX and Spin instructor. He is constantly combining his knowledge of fitness and biking to help his students and himself excel, as well as being a student and learning from others. Ride bikes & smile!

Elaine Bothe - Coach & Ambassador

Elaine is a lifetime enthusiast, teaching herself to ride on a borrowed bike at age 4. She eventually found her true passion in the dirt learning new skills, racing downhill, pedaling back up as fast as possible and helping others go even faster! Elaine coaches for Wenzel Coaching and holds Level 2 MTB instructor certifications through IMBA and Simon Lawton’s Fluidride program. She can usually be found grinning and kicking up dust or mud on a trail near Portland, Oregon.

Jeffrey Neitlich - Curriculum Expert & Ambassador

At age 51, he came across a promo for Ryan’s 30 Day Wheelie Challenge, and decided – why not! Three months later he was riding Wheelies through the streets of Washington, and soon became an early member of Ryan Leech Connection. Now at 53, besides being a physician, Jeff is a proud ‘conqueror of fears’ and is taking up trials riding in addition to his daily trail rides and skills training (now in North Carolina). Not to compete, but because he has found that balance is the key to living with joy— whether it be in mind, body, spirit, nutrition or on the back wheel of a bike!

Jeff Mah - Yoga Instructor

Jeff Mah has been teaching for over 15 years and lives at the intersection of art, science and spirit. Based in Canmore, AB, he runs the Yoga Lounge, and is avid mountain biker. His classes are a unique blend of bio-mechanics and yoga, and he has a knack for making material relevant for people's needs. Keep on exploring!

Andy Dow - Mental Fitness & Yoga Coach

Andrew has spent his life finding freedom through riding his bike. He recently moved to the small coastal community of Lund BC to raise his young family in the playground of the forest. He currently teaches Yoga, Fitness and personally trains clients in Powell River as well as facilitating at the ProHealth Yoga teacher training in Vancouver. Andrew is also an Integral Professional Coach and Mountain Bike Instructor.

Wacek Kipsak - Ambassador & Artistic Director

Wacek shares his passion for mountain biking through not only loads of riding, but through artwork and writing. He's well known on Pinkbike and on his popular facebook page called Waki-Leaks.

Rob Walcer - Ambassador

Rob is an avid mountain biker and enjoys personal exploration and growth through cycling. Within his local community he is deeply involved with local trail advocacy, development and maintenance, digging at the local bike skills park and riding/coaching with youth. He is a husband and father, and has been an active member of Ryan Leech Connection since its inception in 2013.

Josh Shulman - Ambassador

Born in Ontario, settled in B.C. Casual bike rider for most of my life and spent 15 yrs in the culinary industry before being offered an opportunity to join the team at Freedom Bike Shop in Penticton B.C. This move changed my life! I rediscovered the love I had for bikes and biking. Now I live, eat and sleep bikes. I spend countless hours at the skatepark and dirtjumps with my 5yr old son, put in endless miles leading youth on trail rides and am constantly challenging my self to go further (and sometimes faster!) on either my trail bike, my road bike and my fat bike.

Dustin Sharp - Ambassador

Professionally, I am a university professor. I teach international human rights and have a long history of working in Sub-Saharan Africa. I work at the Kroc School of Peace Studies in San Diego, CA. In terms of biking, I raced BMX from 1983 to 1988, them moved into mountain biking (mostly XC) and road biking until 2015 when I started to get back into BMX. Over the years, I've done a lot: fixed gear, mountain, long-distance road, touring, bikepacking. Right now, my focus in BMX and MTB. I also hope to add a proper trials bike to the stable this year. I've been a meditator and yoga person since the late 80s (back when it was still seen as really weird).

Griff Wigley - Ambassador

Griff Wigley, Mountain Bike Geezer, is an avid year-round mountain biker, and is a dedicated practicer wanting to learn right along side you. He has worked through most of the content on RLC and is always excited to guide members based on his experiences and success.

Lindsey Colla - Ambassador

Hi my name is Lindsey, Mountain biker, Muni cyclist and Yogi, I have a trials back ground with 12 years of competitive riding and during those years that is all I wanted to do 100% of the time. I stopped trials riding due to a few injury's and found Yoga helped both in the physical and the mental. Now days I enjoy my MTB riding with a good amount of trialsy moves along the way. I also in the last few years picked up Mountain Unicycling that has been a great new challenge and a dramatic low back rehabilitation. My goals on this got a little out of hand as just last year I completed a 950 km off road Unicycle tour, after the initial goal of riding it to the local shops... I'm looking forward to offering encouragement and guidance while receiving motivation from all of you as we hit the trails together.

Sally Marchand Collins - Ambassador

Sally regularly transforms herself from a diminutive uptown hairdresser to a singletrack-shredding she-beast.  In her first season as a professional mountain-bike racer, she stood on the podium of the 24 Hour Solo Elite World Championships held in Monterey California. In 2008, Sally returned to the 24 Hour Solo Elite World Championships (this time in Australia), competed in Canada’s TransRockies race, and finished third in the Coed Division of the Race Across America (RAAM). A love for education and instruction led her to become certified with both the International Mountain Bike Association (ICP level 1 and 2) and the Professional Mountain Instructors Association (Level 1 program). She is the owner and Chief Enthusiasm Officer of Sundance MTB Skills Clinic & Adventure.

Carl Roe - Ambassador

Carl first tried mountain biking in 2007 and immediately abandoned the peloton. For 7 years he attacked the trails with roadie zeal, Lycra clad, spinning circles and clipped in tight. In 2014 he discovered skills training and was reborn. He’s now rocking flat pedals and no longer thinks a manual is an instruction booklet (#lovesbackwheel). His favorite riding companion is his wife, who shares his enthusiasm for both trail and trials riding and enjoys hours of post-ride technique analysis. He enjoys year-round riding in single-track-rich southeastern Australia.

Tom Hutton - Ambassador

Tom is a self-confessed bike geek, map geek and lover of wild places, and he's been mountain biking for 30 years now - exploring pretty much every ride-able trail in the UK in the process. He contributes to a number of UK mountain bike and adventure magazines and is the author of several guidebooks. He is one of only a handful of mountain bike guides to hold the BC Level 3 Mountain Bike Leadership Award, and runs a small company offering mountain bike holidays and guided riding in the mountainous areas of the UK. He's also involved in a number of trail advocacy projects.

Gold Industry Partners

Ryan has developed long term partnerships during his time as a pro mountain biker, and those relationships have continued with this awesome online learning community.

In my senior years as a cycling industry pro athlete, ambassador, and advocate, I have the freedom to choose who I represent. I choose Shimano. I have visited their factory in Japan, have conversed and partied with their engineers, and experienced the pride and love they put in to their product. It shines through not only in the jewerly like appearance of their product, but in the crisp and unarguable functionality of their equipment. Though Shimano is a large company, they maintain a family vibe, and I am proud to continue contributing in my own small way to the big family company that drives most bikes on this planet.

Visit Shimano

Norco has supported my journey from young hot-shot trials kid to the introspective bicycle loving man I am today. Their staff have groomed me, influenced me, shared their passion for bikes with me. This company has been a family for me, they’ve opened doors, created opportunities, and co-created the Ryan Leech brand with me. Young bicycle talent simply cannot carve a career from their skills without dedicated industry support, Norco has done that for me, and I am forever grateful.

Visit Norco

Silver Partners

As a mountain biking grom in high school, I’d dream about having a Marzocchi suspension fork. Now, I have the privilege of inspiring that dream into the next generation of young rippers! My riding interests have exploded in recent years, so I’m delighted to drape my trials bikes, enduro bike, XC 29″ hard tail, 650b hardtail play bike, and All Mountain 4″ travel ripper with the best suspension platform on the market. It’s a delight to strengthen the Leech/Marzocchi connection after a few years of riding other companies products.

Visit Marzocchi

Though their headquarters are in my backyard, Ryders Eyewear product has been protecting my eyes around the globe for over 16 years. Another long term partnership that I prize. Ryders has a mission, to bring stoke to the world. Sure I’m stoked to get an endless supply of free shades, but just like anything you wear, their is a culture that goes along with it, and that comes from the lifestyle of the employees, and Ryders represents the outdoor lifestyle through and through, and that’s a stoke I’m happy to pass along through all I do.
Visit Ryders

Visit Ryders

Bronze Partners

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